Slow loading - fixed!

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Slow loading - fixed!

« posted: 3 years ago »
I believe I've finally fixed the problem with slow load time on new posts! Huzzah! It took some time as I thought the problem was with either a new feature or the server it's on. It turns out it was a conflict with an old plugin that has been running for ages, and an upgrade to the newest forum software. It was the last place I thought to look because why would something that has been installed since the beginning cause a problem? Who knows!

If any of you experience problems posting still, please let me know.
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Re: Slow loading - fixed!

« Reply #1 posted: 3 years ago »

  Hi Tami, :)

      I don't know how you find the time to fix all these things,I thank you on behalf of all of fusedjaw.There have been times when I almost post twice when I'm not sure if it's gone though,I feel a fool when I did that.This reply will test if you have fixed it or not (bet you have repaired the problem ),

     Thanks very much for the time and effect you put in to this forum and advice you kindly give us.
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