Vendor Review - Gulf Coast Ecosystems

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Vendor Review - Gulf Coast Ecosystems

« posted: 4 years ago »

Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Gulf Coast Ecosystems.  Received my order of macros, and I was blown away by the generous quantity they supply! 

I got three different types, plus two photosynthetic gorgonians.  Each of the macros was packed in a quart-sized bag that was stuffed full.  They are all kind of loose in my tank right now, so no pictures, but I'm going to have to start thinning them already!
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Re: Vendor Review - Gulf Coast Ecosystems

« Reply #1 posted: 4 years ago »
I just got my first order from them of Caulerpa Mexicana....  two pint sized bags.  This was a ton of macro and it was in great shape.  Highly recommend!
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