My $2000 failed experiment

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My $2000 failed experiment

« posted: 2 years ago »
In 2005 I decided to try and set up a seagrass tank. I bought everything brand new and spared no expense on lighting (150w MH with 2x 96w PC) and filtration CPR sump w.skimmer and overflow). I bought a new 70 gallon tall tank (36x15x31+ inches) and stand and installed a 7 inch deep sand bed with additives for fertilization.

I got 3 species of seagrass and added three large pieces of live rock about 30lbs total. I meant for this to be an erectus tank but the tank would not stay under 80 degrees with the lights on and I had used up all my funds and plugs so no chance of getting a chiller ( i had to selectively turn on lights and appliances in order not to blow fuses because of my 20 other tanks).

Nuisance algae plagued the tank and I could not reach the bottom third to clean it up and after showing some growth the tank pretty much crashed and burned. I didn't feel too bad because very few people had ever grown seagrasses in an aquarium at the time (including scientists) but I still wanted to see erectus seahorses hitching on turtlegrass.

PIx 1 after setup
Pix 2 about 6 months later

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