Horse Jumping Photo Techniques?

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Horse Jumping Photo Techniques?

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Who needs horses or outdoor jumps to practice this sort of shot?

Go to your nearest car junction and practise taking sharp frames as cars pass a particular landmark, whether that's a street sign or a lamppost or a parked car.

Get a friendly kid to ride his/her bike past a tree or a sapling or a waste bin or a piece of paper placed exactly where you want it, over and over....

Get an adult jogger friend to vault a small obstacle over and over....

As for exposure, shooting on automatic is truly the preserve of the amateur. If you are serious about your pictures, you'll want to take more control over your exposure. That could be as simple as taking a camera reading off of your palm at a place where the light will hit your subject in the same way, and then opening up the exposure by one f-stop (so if your camera meter says the right exposure is 1/250 at f11, expose at 1/250 at f8 or 1/500 at f5.6), or going the whole hog and trying to understand light by using a hand-held meter -- something that anyone who is remotely serious about photography should do in any case. But in any case will require you to forget about shooting anything on automatic.

As for sharpness, you'd be daft to rely on the camera. Better to pre-focus on the jump and be sure of your depth of field at a given f-stop. Focus on a point that will roughly correspond with your wife at a given moment, then switch off autofocus. And when she jumps, take a burst of frames.

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Re: Horse Jumping Photo Techniques?

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Re: Horse Jumping Photo Techniques?

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