What are you up to?

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What are you up to?

« posted: 4 years ago »
What is everyone up to these days? I haven't be active on my own site (doh!) and was just wondering what people are doing.

I'm trying to squeeze every last precious drop out of summer before it gets cold again, which is part of the reason I haven't been around.

Not too much exciting going on in the fish room, but I am raising some neon gobies. I also got some wild plankton from our very own DanU that I've been cultivating. It's sort of taken over the kitchen table. But it's so cool! There are some shrimp larva growing in there in addition to a number of different copepod types. I keep trying to get the shrimp larvae into their own container so they don't eat all the pods; but once I fish one out, I notice two more I missed! I'm not sure what they're going to grow up to be.

How is your summer going?
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Re: What are you up to?

« Reply #1 posted: 4 years ago »
Hi Tami, :)

   Much like you I'm making the most of the good weather,we are also doing some decorating in our dining room (when we get started)so that means making sure the sh will be ok.

   We had our dog put to sleep  the other day     :'(,so the house is a bit sad,our other dog is missing him,but no more dogs now(we are too old now)..We still have two cats and one conure(bird) marine fish and not forgetting the sh..

 Hope your hands are feeling better,now you have some good weather (it always helps) I come on to fusejaw each day but as you say alls quiet here.
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Re: What are you up to?

« Reply #2 posted: 4 years ago »
Hi all,  I have been waiting all summer until a 9 day trip out of the country is done so I can get my SHs.  Its not long now, Sept 4-13th are the trip dates.  I feel a bit like a heretic wishing summer away like I have but I am chomping at the bit to get my seahorses.  The pod population in the tank is growing as are the macros and soft corals.  My peppermints are spawning as I see a lot of shrimp larvae even though I almost never see the adults.  The tank is definitely ready.  We are in the home stretch now!
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