Breeding Neon Gobies

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Breeding Neon Gobies

« posted: 4 years ago »
It's a little off topic, but since my seahorses aren't having babies, I've been playing around with raising neon gobies Elacatinus oceanops. I have to say that by far, the easiest marine fish to raise that has a larval phase. I previously had put clownfish into this category, but my god, these are tough little boogers.

I wasn't feeling well a few days, didn't feed them or clean them, was sure they had died, so ignored the container they were in for a week. Then looked and there were still larvae swimming around. But the ammonia was through the roof, and they looked kind of weak, so I didn't really think they'd make it. Still, feeling bad they had nothing to eat for days, I started throwing in TDO just in case. (I had started them on rotifers and parvocalanus) and now, a few weeks later, I have a bunch of settled babies.  I have done a total of one water change (early on), and they started in an unfiltered krittler keeper with just an airline.

Seriously some bullet proof fish. If anyone wants the "marine" experience (with the larval stage) but wants something easy, these are the fish to cut your teeth on. I mean, I couldn't have a lazier system and they're doing well. Not that I advocate such a hands off approach, but it does mean that they can handle a lot of "abuse" and mistakes when starting out.

The parents are really chill too. They lay in a pvc cave I made. But in a moment of stupidity, I glued all the pieces together, so can't access the eggs to hatch artificially. Well the nice thing is, I put my hands in the tank, and both parents go into the cave. So to hatch, I just covered the hole, parents inside with eggs, put them in a hatching cage, and the parents continued to care for the eggs until hatching, totally undeterred by the nest moving.
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Re: Breeding Neon Gobies

« Reply #1 posted: 4 years ago »
 Hi Tami,

       I didn't know that you could get marine neon gobies,I do have a marine gobie when I had my pot bellies,my husband has just had some baby cat fish born in his freshwater tank.

      How can you tell the difference between the male and female,we couldn't with the cat fish thats why we were so surprised to see the babies.

      Anyway well done on having babies but also on keeping them alive.
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Re: Breeding Neon Gobies

« Reply #2 posted: 3 years ago »
Anyone with information on Forum
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Re: Breeding Neon Gobies

« Reply #3 posted: 3 years ago »
if you provide a little more detail on what info you are looking for I should be able to help answer them.