Need urgent help with dwarf fry!

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Need urgent help with dwarf fry!

« posted: 2 years ago »
Hi all.  I hope someone can help me.  I have also asked Oden on this group to assist..I am really baffled and need advice.  I have 10 adult dwarfs.  Have had them since November 2015.  Adults doing very well, no problems.  Having problems with the fry.  Can't get them older than a week.  They just simply die.  What am I doing wrong?

I have the dwarfs in a 3 gallon tank, bare bottom and silicone hitching posts and no live rock. The tank is connected to my 500 liter marine tank so that I can automatically have fresh water run in at night to avoid amonia build up. Temperature is at roughly 75 degrees.  I feed freshly hatched brines morning and evening.  Is 75 degrees maybe too high for the fry? I also have a airstone in at a very slow pace just so that the food can be moved around the tank.

Last Sunday 7 fry were born.  Looked very healthy and were doing very well but as the week goes by they start dying one by one.  Some of them started scratching their heads and bodies with their tails so I added some paraguard (don't know if you know it)?  Basically formalin I guess for parasites.  I literally added 8 drops to the 3 gallon.  Don't know if it was too much or too little?  Don't know if this is where I'm going wrong.  The last baby died this morning.

Please give me advice?  Really don't understand where I'm going wrong.  I even added some phyto to the tank every morning as I've read this is good for them?

Very desperate please!!!! Breaks my heart everytime they don't make it
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Re: Need urgent help with dwarf fry!

« Reply #1 posted: 2 years ago »
I don't know anything about dwarf seahorses or raising fry.   But I would advise to several big water changes and a good cleaning, no matter how good you think you do.  This will lower ciliates and any pockets of bad bacteria.  I also think you need more water movement you could use air lifts, Dan has written about them.  Finally make sure you are snow storming the tank with the bbs so the fry get enough to eat and don't have to move much to do so.   Good luck please keep us posted.  Their aren't many dwarf keepers left so we want you successful and sharing your story!!! Can you post a picture of your set up and little ponies? Be prepared for "constructive criticism" lol but really is people wanting to help
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