Looking for Syngnathus fuscus Northern Pipefish captive-bred

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Hi, I'm looking for a breeder, preferably near NYC, that raises (and is willing to sell) captive-bred Northern pipefish, Syngnathus fuscus.

Some background: I am trying to breed wild-caught S. fuscus pipefish (from Long Island in NY). I am finding that many pipefish do not eat the enriched hatched Artemia, and they seem to generally be in mediocre health shortly after arriving to tanks. I do not believe water quality is an issue, as local killifish from the same environment were collected with these pipefish are are faring very well. I think my issue is wild-caught animals are just finicky eaters.
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Hi fb123!  I am a seahorse keeper and so am not as up on pipefish.  However 3 years ago when I first began keeping syngnathids I wanted both, and I wanted captive bred.  At that time after researching, the only captive bred pipefish I could find were banded flagfin pipes offered by Ocean Rider.  They did well for me for about 2 years which I am reading is about the normal lifespan for most pipefish.  That was 3 years ago and perhaps someone has mastered raising other species but I am not aware of it.
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