Seahorse fanatic - South Africa

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Seahorse fanatic - South Africa

« posted: 3 years ago »
Hi.  Just quickly want to introduce myself.  I live in South Africa and a total reef and seahorse fanatic.  I've had freshwater fish for a few years and now marines for about 4 years to first learn about the marine world before I try seahorses, which have always been a dream.  Have had some for a few months now but have also lost a lot unfortunately.  I'm learning the hard way but refuse to give up until I decide its time to give up.  I have my horses in a separate 60cm cube with sump etc. No other fish, just one tigertail (lovely and strong) and one histrix.  These two are doing quite well.  Both of them eat frozens and now and again fresh live brine.  Problem here in petshops in SA is that they tell you the horses are tank bred etc etc meantime they are not and obviously not being experienced yet you fall for their tricks and suffer the consequences.  But I've built up some contacts and am hoping to get some healthy tank bred stock soon and will see how it goes.  I'm very dedicated to my horses and do my best to attend to their needs.  Absolute fascinating creatures.
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Re: Seahorse fanatic - South Africa

« Reply #1 posted: 3 years ago »
Welcome! Post pic of your babies! You do have it harder than most!
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