hello all. from northeast PA

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hello all. from northeast PA

« posted: 3 years ago »
hi all I'm Brian here from northeast pa.
I've bin successfully keeping dwarf seahorses on and off since 2005. It's a bit of a love hate relationship for me. I love the little guys but really hate the amount of work that goes into feeding and cleaning.
I did keep H Erectus for awhile but ended up finding them and my dwarfs new homes when I moved.  So it's bin awhile but I started a new tank for dwarfs back in August. I stared with 6 dwarfs from seahorse corral and now I'm up to about 50 dwarfs. ( I had a little bit of a problem they didn't realize it's winter time here) so had to cut back on the lights and buy a chiller. Well that's about it I look forward to hearing from you all on some new projects I'm going to be starting soon.
first is a faux bottom sand bed for a new dwarf tank.
and a brine shrimp feeder I seen made by Paul B  . Both will help with cleaning and uneaten  food I hope.
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Re: hello all. from northeast PA

« Reply #1 posted: 3 years ago »
Hi Brian! Welcome to and thanks for joining! 50 dwarves! Yes, that reminds me of someone I know *cough* @Timinnl *cough*

I know what you mean about the love/hate relationship with dwarves. I've yet to find a system I'm happy with. I have got the feeding down to a science and use it for so many other things, that it doesn't even phase me anymore. But the maintenance itself is a chore.

I can't wait to hear how your projects go. I've been thinking about a false sandbed for my broodstock tanks, but never thought of it for dwarf seahorses. I would love to hear how that works, so please share as your work progresses!
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Re: hello all. from northeast PA

« Reply #2 posted: 3 years ago »
Still in the hate phase. :-\ But starting a love phase for H. erectus.  ;D

Kind Regards,

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Re: hello all. from northeast PA

« Reply #3 posted: 3 years ago »
I think every SH keeper's been through that!

Hey Brian!
Just got here myself.

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