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Introduce Yourself / Hi Everyone
« Last post by Mermaid20 on 3 months ago »
Just thought I'd say hello to all , I'm new to keeping seahorses but have been keeping marine tanks for 10 + years and currently have 2 running. I have always wanted these mini sea gods but have waited until I'd done as much homework as possible, currently in the process of cycling my huge biorb in preparation for my pair of Giant Brazilians ,will keep you posted on our journey .
Announcements / Re: Everythings broken
« Last post by Nanasato on 3 months ago »
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Vendor Reviews / Re: Dan at
« Last post by JanBlackSmith on 3 months ago »
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Food and Feeding / Re: Dwarf Seahorse food question
« Last post by Rungrawee on 3 months ago »
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Breeding / Re: Filter for rearing fry
« Last post by Kaikagaga on 4 months ago »
Thanks for the reply.
I think that this question is very good.
appreciate the quick response, I am so sad, he didnt make it.  :(
its a 65 gal, been running since december, with what i believe to be great water quality, going by the best test kit (not cheapo one) that we could get. everyone else in tank is great,(shrimp are growing, as is firefish and crabs) the other seahorse is growing, he was not, so I just dont know.
I did do a FWD and for a few hours after, he seemed to act much better. we keep it clean and add distilled water when cleaning, temp always spot on.
going to order more from same company.
wish me luck. we wanted to shoot for 3 pair as the tank is upright and has plenty of room
Sorry to hear the bad news.
You believe the water quality to be great? Based on what? There ARE NO TEST KITS available to the hobbyist to be able to check for the kind of water quality seahorses need to combat nasty bacteria that causes lesions and organ failure, just for two most prevalent things. Testing for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates etc, will NOT tell you when the bacteria are about to take over although temperatures above 74F can indicate the potential once quality has degraded. They can tell you when something else is or going to be a problem as in ammonia presence that will at the least burn the gills and at worst kill the seahorses.
Seahorses are NOT like other marine fish (or shrimp/snails) and are susceptible to infections that other marine fish normally have some immunity to.
Like people, seahorses have varying immunity to things and this one was obviously more immune than the other one. However, if you don't find what, and correct the problem the other one might possibly fall victim to further down the line.
Another thing to consider is that many seahorses have problems dealing with pathogens introduced to them by other tank mates, mainly if they haven't grown up with the exposure to those particular pathogens.
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