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Conservation / Re: H. zosterae ESA listing
« Last post by Minayato on 1 day ago »
It's great information for those who are looking for these things.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hi Everyone
« Last post by Minayato on 1 day ago »
Be assured that this information is good for those who are interested in this.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hi Everyone
« Last post by rayjay on 13 days ago »
Welcome to Fused Jaw and our fantastic hobby.
Have you already read the articles in Article Categories on the home page? Great place to start for information.
Personally, I really miss the traffic we used to have on forums as it's MUCH easier to find a thread that goes back in time, a week or even years.
With the advent of social media in the last year or so, there isn't much traffic here on Tami's forums, or even other forums, but you can post on her Facebook page, Seahorses and Pipefish at
The postings there are from around the world.
See also Facebook page based from UK sources but again gets posts from around the world. Seahorse Keeping Made Fun at
While the North American favourite Facebook site has a LOT of traffic, it too has world wide posting. Seahorse Sources's Group at
Introduce Yourself / Hi Everyone
« Last post by Mermaid20 on 14 days ago »
Just thought I'd say hello to all , I'm new to keeping seahorses but have been keeping marine tanks for 10 + years and currently have 2 running. I have always wanted these mini sea gods but have waited until I'd done as much homework as possible, currently in the process of cycling my huge biorb in preparation for my pair of Giant Brazilians ,will keep you posted on our journey .
Announcements / Re: Everythings broken
« Last post by Nanasato on 19 days ago »
I think your data is good information that I'm looking for.
The information is considered useful for everyone.
Vendor Reviews / Re: Dan at
« Last post by JanBlackSmith on 1 month ago »
Laman ini sangat bermaklumat dan dinasihatkan.
Swimming is considered a great exercise ever.
Food and Feeding / Re: Dwarf Seahorse food question
« Last post by Rungrawee on 1 month ago »
It's the knowledge I'm looking for.
I've been looking for these monkeys for a long time. It really helped me a lot.
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