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Announcements / Everythings broken
« on: 1 year ago »
Sorry everyone - life has taken me in a crazy direction, and fusedjaw is neglected again. I didn't realize the forums were getting resource errors. I think it's fixed but not sure.

Also the main site is down, I missed the notices that the card on file with the host was expired. Now I had to pay a restore fee and they fix it when they fix it? That was the impression I got. I hoped it would be back already, but it's not.

Hi Everyone! We're back and on a new host. I think most things are working - but images and other attachments are not showing. I think I know what the problem is, but won't be able to look again until the weekend. But it shouldn't take taking the site down again to fix.

Registering on the forums is broken - and from the looks of the queue of users that signed up but could not complete the registration, I suspect this has been going on for a while, unfortunately. I'm trying to track down what the problem is, but there aren't any error logs - it's just not sending the verification emails. I'll do what I can to fix this as I'm able, but I'm kind of stumped.

There is a server-wide issue on the main site and the whole site is down. I host the forums with another company, so the two generally operate differently and thus the reason when one has a problem the other is usually okay. Anyway, Working on it; I'll post as I know more.

Disease & Illness / A really great vet guide
« on: 2 years ago »
I was contacted a while back about using some images for an article geared towards veterinarians, and the writer just got back to me with a link to the article. It's pretty good and I'm sure it will be a great resource for people needing to seek vet care for their seahorses:

Veterinary Care Of Seahorses

I disagree with the temperatures listed, but otherwise think it's a great resource. The medication formulary will be particularly useful.

Website Feedback and Support / Welcome Back!
« on: 2 years ago »
It's been a week plus that the forums were down. First, I am so sorry about that. I didn't have a way to change the forum index to even inform people of it, just a plain white screen.

I don't know exactly what the problem is, it just *stopped* working. My hosting providers support was not able to help, and the ticket sat in limbo for over a week. Eventually I moved to a test server so I could dissect the problem. I still don't know the exact issue, but I was able to uninstall a few modifications, and everything seems to be restored.

If you have any problems going forward, please let me know.

Breeding / Babies - H. erectus
« on: 2 years ago »
I received some H. erectus from someone that could no longer take them. There were 4 of them, 3 males and a female. I should have known someone would be pregnant, but they really didn't look it. Low and behold I was treated to about 15 shortly before christmas. A small brood, they're pouches really looked flat so who knows which one was hiding them.  I also pulled a few from the filter (boo!) so I'm sure that I lost a few that way.

10 remaining, and getting fat fast.
The accused:
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It's been a while since I've actively raised seahorses, some of you know I've taken the past year or so to try and regroup. An unexpected new bunch of seahorses put me in a position to start finishing the remodeling of my fish room I started 2 years ago, and babies on top of that have given me a new purpose to push ahead. My own seahorses haven't been breeding in a while, which has frankly been a blessing. But now I'm starting to feel that same drive kick back in.

The only thing - I really really had small broods. From making it too hard to feed the right amount to being difficult to train to frozen. Small groups are a huge pain in the ass. :P

@rayjay, you have a recipe somewhere for how to make your own enrichment, right? I could have swore you did, but I can't seem to find it. I'm trying to help a friend out that needs something asap before he can get Dan's Feed.

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I hope you're having a great one! I'm home with my husband, making cookies and phyto! (Don't worry, washing hands very well between the two!)

We've got lots of video of them giving birth in captivity. Someone captured it in the wild:

I love how excited the diver sounds around the 0:54 mark!

Veterinarian Dr. Véronique LePage is an aquatic vet with extensive syngnathid experience. She agreed to put together this article for Fusedaw. She explains muscle loss as a cause of weak snick and the nutritional issues that are likely to blame for this illness.

Thank's to Dr. LePage for taking time to write this up, as I believe it's a frequently overlooked cause of illness.

I just finished a small article: I Found A Seahorse, What Now?? Based on a question that came up on facebook. I've been asked this a couple times, and I'm sure there are lots of times when people find seahorses and wonder if they can keep it. Hopefully this will provide some guidance.

Hikari seems to be having trouble with their mysis. Sfbb and PE. No one seems to be able to get mysis that isn't discolored. Sfbb isn't even willing to take blame for it shipped to my door. I don't know what I'm going to do. I've had to feed tan mysis, because that is all I have.

I'm waiting on an answer from Hikari and PE on if there is any other cause of discoloration aside from oxidation. I'm doubtful. One vendor sent me brown PE mysis, and said they they told him it was normal and part of their packing proces and the water their collected in. But PE removes the water from their mysis, so I don't know what gives. It feels like I've been chasing down good mysis and failing! Right now, feeding some tan mysis, because it's all I can get, like it or not.[ You are not allowed to view attachments ]
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One of my dreams has been to build a way to catch baby seahorses before they end up in the filter or overflow. At the MBI workshop, I found that someone may have. They built it for shrimp, but I if it works for something as delicate as shrimp larvae, I can't imagine it wouldn't work for seahorses.

It's in the journal here:

I stumbled across a craigslist listing for seahorses for sale for $75 a pair. I was curious what they were. What do I find? Dwarf seahorses! *facepalm*
How much do you want to bet that they are wild caught and purchased for $5-$10 each?
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