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   Sorry about Adam it can take a while to get over when one dies.

    Your new tank sounds very nice and will enjoy seeing it when you have it up and running.


    Glad to report it looks like snout rot has gone still have treatment to finish but his snout is now black all over now,but the best thing was he kept eating.

    Would like to thank everyone who gave me advice on what to do and what medicine to use.

     Hi, :)  :) :)
     Just to let you know that the sh which has snout rot is coming along nicely,thank you Dan for giving me the avice to use furan 2.

     One of the ladies on facebook gave me a e-mail address were l could get the furan 2 for a good price and will have sometime next week.I can get three lots for less then the price on Amazon.


    Hi Dan,

       Have started the ht with furan2 have enough for 5 treatments,and will order some from amazon, L can't believe much it has gone up 35-48p plus postage.

     The sh is eating well,so not too worried,its if she stops eating then that when the worrying starts

     Does anyone know where l can buy furan2 from??? I have some but will need some more to finish the treatment for my seahorse who;s unwell.


   Thanks very much for your help,just getting the water for the ht ready,should be ready for the morning.

  Hi Dan, :-[
Thank very much for any help you can give.The medicines l have are:

Diamox,  Furan-2,  Triple Sulfa,  Methylene Blue,  Seachem NeoPlex,  Sea KanaPlex,  Waterlife Finrot&Ulcers,  WaterlifeHole-in-the head & Boat, Waterlife Gill & Body Flukes,  Waterlife Vitazin (multi-vitamins)

 These are the medicines l have, hope l have something you may think will help.

Misc Seahorse & Syngnathid Info / snout rot
« on: 2 years ago »

  I have an erectus sh with the beginnings of snout rot,have only just seen this but l am unsure which medicine to use.

  He is going into a ht tonight (just making sure the water is the same as the display tank. Any help would be most appreciated


   Hi,Welcome to, :)
     Your tank is looking very nice,you have some nice hich's for them.I don't know if you have any medicine's for your seahorse's(it's bet to be safe then sorry) you can find out on here for what you may need.

     I look at it this way,if you have them then hopefully you will not need them.Best of luck when you get them.


   So very sorry about your loss the thing is,it doesn't matter how many years we have been keeping sh,we never stop learning.
   Wishing you better luck next time.

Misc Seahorse & Syngnathid Info / Birthday
« on: 2 years ago »

   Would just like to wish Tami a very happy birthday & lots more of them.

Photography / Re: show off your erectus!!
« on: 2 years ago »
Hi Bruce, :)

Was just looking at your seahorses and they look lovely,i counted seven was that right,or was it less???

Aquarium / Re: Tank heigtht
« on: 3 years ago »

     Tall tanks are very nice to look at but are a pig to keep clean.I have a 5ft tank which is 27inc tall but my arms are only 20inch long,so trying to get to the bottom of the tank  tacks for ever (well thats what it fills like).

    Best of luck with what ever size tank you go for,make sure you have a chair near the tank,because you will look at the sh for a long time.


   Would just like to wish you a very happy birthday,hope it's a pain free day for you.

Off Topic / Re: MBI workshop?
« on: 3 years ago »
Wish we had these sort of things over here that I could go to,if there is i have never heard of it.

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