The cutest little pipefish

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The cutest little pipefish

« posted: 3 years ago »
I was spending some time on Flickr, looking up pipefish pictures (yes that's what I do in my free time, shut up.) And I stumbled upon a picture of a wild banded pipefish just post settlement. It's tots adorbs!

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Re: The cutest little pipefish

« Reply #1 posted: 3 years ago »

    What a lovely fish the marking are very nice the colours are very clear on him/her.What sort of line is flicker?? is it all about fish or just pipe fish.

    That was a lovely article you have written about pipe fish,I think if ever I went down that way I would only have them in a tank,as I think you could have the same problems that can happen with sh (just my way of thinking).

    Anyway, thanks once again for the information on pipe fish. :)
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