Cute Pictures or Harassment?

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Cute Pictures or Harassment?

« posted: 4 years ago »
I can be a curmudgeon at times. Skeptic at the best of times.
So when I saw an update to the famous "Seahorse Sees Reflection In Watch.", immediately it jumped out how disingenuous the story was.

The first picture, which most of us have seen many times.

It's neat, it's got great composition, and while it's unclear if it's actually looking at the watch (probably not), it is an interesting and enjoyable photo.

Article goes on to show what are clearly set up shots of a guy shoving his arm in front of a seahorse, trying to recapture the shot.

It then goes on to explain how one of them was dying when last spotted, saying it was probably humans that did it. Maybe it was, but it was complete and utter speculation on his part. It could have just as easily been a predator, especially a crab. A human stepping would likely cause a crushing injury.

I don't know, everything about this article rubs me the wrong way.
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Re: Cute Pictures or Harassment?

« Reply #1 posted: 4 years ago »
I'm sure that was very frightening for that poor little guy!!
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Re: Cute Pictures or Harassment?

« Reply #2 posted: 4 years ago »
I agree with Tami, you can't belive all you see,i wouldn't think a sh would be that close to shore for someone to step on it Also how do they know its the same sh each time they dive.
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