Wanted: Pipefish for research

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Wanted: Pipefish for research

« posted: 2 years ago »

My name is Ilvy, I'm from the Netherlands and I study syngnathids. I have a tank at home with 6 Microphis brachyurus (freshwater pipefish) which I really like to watch. I learn a lot from them.
However, I can't learn everything from them. A big part of my study includes identifying pipefish, for example by counting the trunk rings and number of dorsal fin rays, as well as the length of the snout, together with a lot of other things that could help scientists and other people identify pipefish.
It is very hard to use living specimens for this, as I don't want to damage them while I handle them. So I use dead specimens. I already have a number of species from the North Sea, which I found dead on the beach, but it is a lot harder for me to get tropical species.
So my question is.... can anyone help me get pipefish? They can be found on the beach, or deceased pets. If you have a fresh one, you can just dry them at air temperature.
I really hate to ask you guys for your dead pets, but it is the only way to get some species  without killing them. It is for a good purpose!!!!

Please let me know if you can help me! I am of course willing to pay.
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