NoCoast Aquatics Seahorses!

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NoCoast Aquatics Seahorses!

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Hi Fused Jaw Members!
Just wanted to introduce myself, Colin McDougal, and my company, NoCoast Aquatics, to all of you! We’re an online source of high quality, captive bred seahorses for your home aquarium.  We have been operating for two years with a commercial facility based in Minneapolis, MN.   We now have a full inventory of captive bred H. erectus seahorses in a variety of grades. They are eating 100% frozen foods and are on average around 4 inches. If you’re interested visit our website at , or our facebook page, (or pm me!)

Thanks!  :D
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NoCoast Aquatics - we're passionate about the aquarium industry and established our business to expand hobbyist’s options to purchase aqua-cultured, captive-bred seahorses - reducing the pressure on wild specimens!