H.zosterae dwarf seahorses for sale

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H.zosterae dwarf seahorses for sale

« posted: 3 years ago »
I have some dwarfs forsale all are this years  and are breeding or getting ready to bread.
I'm looking for $10.00 each or 40 for $30.00
Shipping is at cost fedex overnight is between 60 to 80 dollars and usps is priority express a bit cheaper but not always on time and most of the times is 2 days.

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Re: H.zosterae dwarf seahorses for sale

« Reply #1 posted: 3 years ago »
Post pics so it is harder to resist them 😇 I wish I could but I just took on two more erectus rescues from someone who was moving. Now I have to get a.New tank lol
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