Dans' Feed with Probiotics - New Product

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Dans' Feed with Probiotics - New Product

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I have a new version of Dansí Feed available.  This version has probiotics, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus lichenformis and Bacillus pumilus in it.  According to multiple studies, probiotics bioencapsulated in Artemia can increase survival rates, improve food conversion ratios, increase growth rates and improve immune system response.  By using it throughout the enrichment process, it can also inhibit pathogenic bacteria growth during the enrichment process. 

I also made some other minor changes to the enrichment.  Both forms of the Vitamin C additives are missing from this version as Ascorbic Acid can inhibit bacteria growth which we donít want with probiotics added.  Increased the amount of astaxanthin to help improve coloration of the seahorses.  AlgaMac 3050 has been replaced by AlgaMac 3050 DHA-10.  The ratio of 3050 and Protein Plus has been adjusted due to this.

For those who arenít aware, AlgaMac 3050 has listed as a HazMat material by the Feds.  Apparently, if this product is stored at a temperature of 100 Celcius (212 F), the temperature at which water begins to boil, for 24 hours, it can spontaneous combust.  In the 14 years I have been breeding, I have yet to see this or know of any cases where this happened.  I donít know anyone who stores it that way.  I canít see this happening during shipping either!  At any rate, it cannot be shipped via FedEx, UPS or Postal.  It has to go freight.  For the quantities that we and hobbyist use, this is a nonstarter.  Aqua Fauna Bio-Marine has come up with a replacement, AlgaMac 3050 DHA-10, which has the fatty acid levels adjusted down to avoid the HazMat rating.

The addition of the probiotics through the entire enrichment process has made a big difference for us.  For several months we were fighting through the process where our survival numbers with fry had dropped well below our historical average.  The additional complication of dealing with the Hurricane didnít help.  Around the end of December, beginning of January, I got determined to get to the bottom of what was going on, and make the necessary changes to get the survival rates back up.  After a total review of what we were doing and comparing that to what I believed we needed to do, we tightened up our procedures and I started using probiotics.  Survival rates turned around immediately.  The biggest difference was what we were doing with the Artemia cultures.  We had used Inveís Hatch Control and SanoCare Ace, both are of which are bacterial inhibitors.  We now add probiotics throughout the entire hatching, enriching and any grow out processes.  This has made a huge difference for us.  Survival rates for H. erectus fry born since then is well above 90%.  The last batch born a month ago tomorrow, has had 3 fry lost out of the whole batch.  We had some H. barbouri fry that was born prior to this, and once we started back with the probiotics noticed an improvement there as well.  I am anxious to see the results with pelagic fry once we start culturing them as well.
Dansí Feed with Probiotics can be ordered from our website:

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