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started by TamiW
0 1174 by TamiW

Wanted; Dwarf seahorses - Canada

started by shift
5 539 by rayjay

Wanted: Pipefish for research

started by BlueWhale
0 193 by BlueWhale

Divers den

started by Laurasea
0 229 by Laurasea

Wanted Macros or smaller seagrasses

started by Bruce
6 977 by Bruce

New Canadian Supplier

started by TamiW
1 882 by MissKitty

tanks wanted

started by Laweld
0 360 by Laweld

H.zosterae dwarf seahorses for sale

started by oden
1 567 by Laurasea

H. Erectus For Sale - US

started by TamiW
20 6964 by Knap_123 Down DDos Attack

started by DanU
4 671 by TamiW

MOVED: Ocean Rider

started by TamiW
0 351 by TamiW

H. reidi and H. zosterae Available

started by DanU
2 773 by DanU

H. abdominalis Available

started by DanU
7 2441 by Laurasea

Seeking Ingens

started by sophiesherd
3 1713 by brayjr

Ebay bans the sale of seahorses in the US?

started by TamiW
4 2012 by Timinnl

Seahorse Source: Reidi for sale

started by TamiW
0 828 by TamiW

Free Copepods and Brine Shrimp

started by TamiW
8 1430 by Linseed

Auto brine hatchery

started by Sevenswords
12 5777 by lhick082

Selling All My SH Breeding Equipment

started by Peka
4 3462 by yellowbird

H barbouri wanted

started by haysanatar
1 2073 by TamiW