Suggestions for a Fish Based Raw Food Diet

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Suggestions for a Fish Based Raw Food Diet

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For the last four or so years our dog (a Korean Jindo) has been eating Only Natural Pet's Just Fish Feast. He was doing fine on it until recently, he started developing abdominal pain and experienced vomiting and diarrhea.

As always, the first thing we did was get him off the Only Natural Pet food and contact the company in case we received a bad batch.

Since then, and for about two weeks now we have had him on a diet of rice, canned butternut squash and canned sardines. Since putting him on this diet, his stomach issues have subsided and his bowel movements are actually really great (solid and everything!).

Since he is doing so well with this diet so far, we're wondering if it's worth transitioning to a raw food diet that is fish based. We're posting here to see if the forum can offer us advice on how to move forward with this and what the appropriate things we need to ensure our dog's diet is nutritionally sound.

He is allergic to chicken so that's not an option, and in the past we had him try a red meat kibble and he did terribly on that. So unfortunately fish is our best option moving forward.

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Re: Suggestions for a Fish Based Raw Food Diet

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