Seahorse not eating

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Seahorse not eating

« posted: 7 years ago »
Hi Everyone. I'm new to the board but I'm hoping someone can help me. I just got two new seahorses from the fish store, and they were eating in the store. But one of them hasn't eaten at all since I brought them home 3 days ago. The other one eats like a champ. I'm getting worried because she's starting to look thin.
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Re: Seahorse not eating

« Reply #1 posted: 7 years ago »
Hi SOS and welcome to! I'm sorry your seahorse isn't doing so well. The first thing I need to know is what you're trying to feed them. Frozen mysis is considered a staple, but you may want to offer live brine shrimp if you're already offering mysis, or vice versa. Live brine shrimp isn't a good long term diet, but as a food to temp seahorses its a good thing to try.

Could you also give a few more details about your setup, like the size of your aquarium and your water quality parameters?
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