Interested in starting to feed raw

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Interested in starting to feed raw

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 I am trying to get some more information, about feeding raw dog food. I am kind of a dog food guru myself however I am still unsure about feeding raw. I know there is a lot of people that do it and have successfully done it without any issues. But my concern is about the cost and the bacteria that could be involved in the raw meat. I do have a family member in the house with some health issues and because of this I am worried about having Bacteriain the house that could contaminate the area and she could possibly get sick and die because of her health issues.

 I am not sure what the overall cost would be in terms of feeding raw. I have a 47 pound Australian Shepherd who is fairly active during the summer and spring months. We do agility and lots of hiking outdoor sports trick training and so forth so I know when she is on her kibble now which I rotate from several different very high-quality grain free brands in my area she is able to keep her weight on relatively easy.

So what is the general cost that you guys spend per month on your Raw food and is there a way to make sure that your dog is getting a balanced meal, I have heard of several people making their own food but I am on sure if they are balanced and have enough vitamins and minerals that the dog should need.

Please help.


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Re: Interested in starting to feed raw

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