Hikari drives me nuts

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Hikari drives me nuts

« posted: 4 years ago »
I like their food, I really do, but every time I ask their customer service something, they get really cagey. This has happened a few times, either trying to clarify what the nutritional profile of their mysis is (as compared to PE mysis) or trying to find out manufacturer date of antibiotics. In that one, first they told me that they'd tell me, then once I gave them the lot number, they only told me that they're good "for a long time."

So this time, I am trying to put an article together about buying good quality mysis, and what to look for when buying mysis for your seahorses. (Because this keeps happening to me and to others.)

In doing so, I realized that Hikari makes some claims on their packaging, but they don't really mean anything. Their packaging claims to have a "3-step sterilization process" and uses a "mega powerful freezer". So I started looking around the web. People have been wondering about this for a while, but no one has answers. Hikari is, as I had experienced in the past, unwilling to tell what this means.

So I went ahead and emailed them:
Hello,  can you tell me a little about what your "3 Step Sterilization" process entails? I see it listed on my frozen food,  but would like to understand what it means practically, as right now it stands more or less as a marketing phrase with no meaning.  I don't need to know the exact specifics if it is a trade secret, but would like to know roughly what it means to better understand the impact on food.

This was their answer:
Tami - thank you for taking the time to contact us and for your support of our products.  We actually use many more than 3 steps to cleanse and sterilize the product so you can be assured the material is safe for aquarium use and to be handled.  Sterilization is done using a number of processes that we cannot disclose.  The mega power freezing process allows us to maintain the animal's integrity and nutritional benefit while freezing.
The Hikari Customer Service Team

Hmmm. They basically repeated back what their package said.

I've sent them a response, but we'll see if they actually answer it. I get more pointed with my questions:

I appreciate your reply. However, your answer doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. What you have given me is little more than marketing jargon, which doesn't give me any actual indication whether or not the steps performed do anything useful. Some methods of sterilization are even considered harmful. As I use mysis as a staple food; not knowing these things has me nervous.

I am hoping you can answer the following:

- Does your sterilization process involve irradiation?
- Does your sterilization product involve any form of heat treatment?
- Are antibiotics used in the sterilization process?
- Does your sterilization product affect the lipids found in mysis?
- Does your sterilization process use any chemicals such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or copper?
- Does your sterilization process effect the vitamins and minerals found in frozen foods?

Lastly, your about your "mega powerful freezing process":
- How long from the time the mysis are deceased to the time they are frozen?
- Are the mysis flash frozen using liquid nitrogen?
- If not using liquid nitrogen, what temperature are the mysis frozen at? This is important, as the temperature the food is frozen that will affect the size of ice crystals formed; the slower food is frozen at, the larger the ice crystals are formed within the food. This means that the food will have more destruction of nutritional quality.
- Are the mysis frozen, thawed, and refrozen any point during the process?

I eagerly await your response.

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Re: Hikari drives me nuts

« Reply #1 posted: 4 years ago »
I would love to be a fly on the wall when they see this.

Well done Tami,wish I could think to do what you have done,look forward to seeing their answer.
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Re: Hikari drives me nuts

« Reply #2 posted: 4 years ago »
AWESOME I agree those are questions that need answering....hope you do get a responce if at all will it be an honest one?
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Re: Hikari drives me nuts

« Reply #3 posted: 3 years ago »
Granted it was a year ago and the thread didn't continue far...but it's safe to assume they never answered those questions right?