feeding seahorses while away

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feeding seahorses while away

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I recieved my seahorses from OR Feb. 10 and they are doing great, thanks to your seahorse classes! I even have them eating out of a feeding station!

I am going out of town for 3 days and I can have someone from the local pet store that can come feed them but my husband will be home so to make it easier for him, can i just have him feed live brine shrimp for 2 days and maybe ghost shrimp on the alternate day? Im also wondering if I should purchase some tigger pods to add to the tank so they get plenty to eat? I worry that if they eat live foods for 3 days that they might be reluctant to eat frozen when I return..

Please Help.


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Re: feeding seahorses while away

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Re: feeding seahorses while away

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Re: feeding seahorses while away

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