Pouch Evac

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Pouch Evac

« posted: 2 years ago »
Hi everyone!

I just had to do my first pouch evac on my male H. erectus. All went well and he is back to swimming normally :)
However, I know this can be a stressful procedure for them. Are there any signs of distress or issues I should be on the look out for for the next few days?

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Re: Pouch Evac

« Reply #1 posted: 2 years ago »
Great job! They can be more stressful to their humans than to the seahorses themselves.

How did you do it; did you use a tool to release the gas such as a catheter, did you do it by pressing, or by massaging? The later two techniques can lead to infections. Not often, but their skin is sensitive so watch for signs of infection.

Assuming that doesn't happen or you used a tool, make sure that you watch in case the issue reoccurs. Gas bubble disease can come back. There are thought to be two causes of it - one is gas supersaturation. We don't see that too often in home aquariums. It can occur but is more likely to do so in big systems that public aquariums and zoos use. The other, while the cause isn't precisely clear, appears to be due to tanks with a lot of organic matter. Make sure  that there is adequate flow to help detritus from settling. Make sure your nutrient export system is up to snuff and that both nitrate and phosphate are low, and ph is around 8.2. Lower ph can be a sign of too much organic matter.

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Re: Pouch Evac

« Reply #2 posted: 2 years ago »
Hi Sami513.  I am glad all has gone well so far.  I never did a pouch evac but I did my first pouch flush 4 months ago or so and I know it was definitely stressful on me.  Adam, my male seahorse never seemed to miss a beat and has been fine.
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Re: Pouch Evac

« Reply #3 posted: 2 years ago »
Thank you both! He did seem fairly unbothered by it after a little bit though he did snick at me a few times which was a very weird sensation!

I unfortunately couldn't get a catheter so I ended up using the small probe of a dissecting kit (about the same size but not tapered). I did have to push a bit so I'll be on the lookout for some infection for the next week or so!

I have a feeling the cause was excess organic matter. I was away for the holidays for 2 weeks and had someone looking after the tank but the last time they were in was the 31st so a few days of no one seeing them/the tank. I did a very thorough cleaning of the tank before doing the pouch evac so hopefully all will be well from now on!
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