I'm an Awful Seahorse Mom!

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I'm an Awful Seahorse Mom!

« posted: 2 years ago »
I feel so terrible. I was doing a water change on my tank and I couldn't find my normal siphon tubing so I used my larger one which has a stronger pull. I never should have  :-[ My female swam right in front of it and got stuck. I really quickly got her out but now she has a small abrasion right under her dorsal fin  :'( I feel absolutely horrible and am now worried that she is going to get an infection. She is acting normally swimming well and eating great and seems otherwise healthy - her and my male were even courting this morning.

Is it worth putting her under the added stress of moving her to a hospital tank, separating her from her mate and treating her? If so are there any recommended medications? If she gets sick I will be so upset since it will 65000% be my fault.
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Re: I'm an Awful Seahorse Mom!

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I can only tell you that I wouldn't move her to a hospital tank unless I could see degradation of the wound. I most likely would treat with Biobandage for a week to 10 days but that can be done leaving her in the display tank.
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