do dogs sense illness?

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do dogs sense illness?

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I was reading something on here that got me thinking. Do dogs know when someone, or another animal is sick, and does it cause them to act differently? I ask because I had an old shih tzu who lived to be 16, that went blind and had arthritis, and one of my other dogs Jake always growled and snarled at her. He didn't do it when she was younger and healthier, only after she couldn't see he was trying to attack. She adjusted pretty well to being blind, and got along ok, but it seemed like the last couple years she was alive, every time she would come near Jake he wanted to attack. So I always wondered if it was something he sensed in her or something he picked up on from the way we acted or a combination of the two. He just seemed to hate her being anywhere near him, he would get all teeth and fur and occasionally attacked her. My dogs also always seem to know if I am sick and are far less needy when I sick. They are content to just lay with me all day, and ask to go out far less than normal. I really appreciate that.

Please help

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Re: do dogs sense illness?

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