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started by TamiW
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White spots

started by Midasblenny
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A really great vet guide

started by TamiW
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my seahorse is breathing rapid, hanging upside down

started by pauline
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How do you Treat Bubble Disease in a Sea Horse?

started by Donnieclark
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Help there's something on his tail

started by Seahorsefun
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Pipefish breathing rapidly

started by Emeryiii
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Pipefish tail issues

started by Hanzel
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I'm an Awful Seahorse Mom!

started by Sami513
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I lost my seahorses

started by Knap_123
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Vague trouble

started by Laurasea
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started by Laurasea
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My babies are scratching

started by Knap_123
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"First Aid" Kit

started by Sami513
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Tail White TIp

started by DiscusToTheMAX
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Vibrio treatment

started by phg1960
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Adam and Eve reunited after her 3 week treatment !

started by vlangel
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started by Sami513
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Spitting up

started by Laurasea
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Pouch Evac

started by Sami513
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