Trade Data: How Many Sh Are Sold For Aquarium Trade Each Year?

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Does anyone have a source or even an estimate for this info?
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You can go to the CITES trade database and get import and export data and look at live imports. It only tells what has come into the country, not what has been sold internally. For instance, in the US, we have trade in native species, primarily out of Florida. Those would not be in the database. However, local industries might have that info.

I believe Florida, where most of the native seahorses in the US come from does keep track of that info. However, I'm not sure it's available to the public. You can probably call or email and ask; I've found them to be very responsive.

You'll likely have to do similar leg work in each country. Project Seahorse may have some estimates. I believe there was a 2011 paper that also talked about trade data of seahorses. This paper has trade data in it that may be of use to you as well.
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