Sustainable Fishing

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Sustainable Fishing

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I am extremely interested in sustainable practices; both on land and off. In terms of the fishing industry, there are horrific things occurring. When you buy fish (if you do at all); do you pay attention to whether or not the fish was sustainably caught? Trawling or long line fishing should not be supported, there are so many species (including seahorses) that are affected due to these techniques.

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Re: Sustainable Fishing

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Hi Khillis,

Welcome to :)

 My name is Sue,we are are a group of friendly seahorse people. :)

If I can help you I will or give what adviceI can until someone with more knowledge then me comes on to help.

I don't agree with trawling along the sea bed or long line fishing,it does more harm to the seabeds and the animals that live there.
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Re: Sustainable Fishing

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Unfortunately in this day and age of an ever increasing world population, trawling and long line fishing are here to stay. There are two ways we can try to maintain our ever depleting fish levels. Fishing quotas have to be carefully monitored and enforced by all countries. With fines heavy enough to dissuade trawler skippers from breaking the law. The second is two pronged, captive breeding to raise the various species to a size where they can contribute to at least maintaining levels of wild stocks. While farming fish to a size for the table, reducing the need for wild caught.