College Student in Phoenix, AZ: Study Abroad in Seahorse Conservation Ecology

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Hello fellow seahorse enthusiasts!

My name is Alexis and I have a strong love for seahorses. I find them so beautiful and fascinating. Not only does their beauty captivate me, but I am also interested in their benefit to other marine species and humans as well. After final exams (which thankfully end soon, yay!), I am going to be doing some intensive research on seahorses as well as the basics of marine sciences and the various sub-disciplines that encompass the subject. My real question in association with this post, is: where would be the best (if any) place to study abroad in studying conservation ecology alongside a research team that is involved in seahorse conservation?

As studying abroad within a conservation ecology program is big dream of mine, I would love to hear your advice on this.

Thank You,

there is a study going on at the moment in Malta studying and counting seahorses,also project seahorse  are also asking for scuba divers in the Philippines to study and photograph seahorse plus other conservation work but they require a donation of $2700 to cover food lodgings etc.closing date for that is 1st june

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