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In Tank Nursery

« posted: 2 years ago »

I'm about to be a new mama to a pair of H. Breviceps, and though I don't have a seahorse with babies on the way, I want to be prepared in case it happens sooner than I expect!

Given that my tank is temperate and I live in Australia, there's no way a nursery tank could maintain ideal temperature without a chiller, so I think my only option is to DIY an in-tank nursery (of course, I could buy another chiller but that gets very pricey!!). I have a large tank and an overrated skimmer, and a sump/refugium, display is 55G but the full system is 75G.

I've read of Hydroids becoming a problem with in-tank nurseries, but I can't figure out how, if they're not present in my mature tank and I'm not introducing anything new, and I'm rinsing BBS before feeding?

Apart from regular water changes and staying on top of cleaning, are there any other issues with this sort of nursery set up? I suppose I'm lucky in that they are small seahorses, with small broods of large benthic fry, so I'm hoping that will work in my favour.

Thanks in advance! :)
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