Breeding Seahorses

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Breeding Seahorses

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Aloha Pete, this is Dee Kull.. I recently purchases a Special packages from you, 2 Sunburst and 2 Mustangs... They are beautiful, and very actively swimming around my tank.... I noticed that One male that I got, seemed to have a very rounded belly, am wondering if he is pregnant.  I have all the necessary preparations in the event that he is.  I've successfully bred and raised 8 batches of seahorses the past couple of years. But, now  I have a question.  Can I temporary use a fish tank aquarium net breeder when they are born?  The dimensions are  10.2 x 5.9 x 6.3.

Please Help.


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Re: Breeding Seahorses

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Re: Breeding Seahorses

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