What is the minimal tank requirement for 2 seahorses?

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I want to get a small seahorse tank for my workroom. I have a salt water tank already. Not looking to put any fish in. Just 2 beginner seahorses.

-What is a good cube sized tank?
-as small as possible so it doesn't take much space.
-recommendation on a good beginner seahorse?

Planning on going barebottom. tonga branches for rockscape. some easy corals SH can use.

Please Help.


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Re: What is the minimal tank requirement for 2 seahorses?

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Get off this site and leave it for genuine hobbyists' Each post has indication of differing set up with some already saying there are seahorses and others that indicate seahorses are in the future.
From the profile of the OP it says: Years Keeping Syngnathids:1
For anyone reading, the links are phoney and redirect you. Below is just the location of the redirect, DON'T CLICK IT.

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