Starting a tank build -- have some noob questions

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Hi everyone,

I am starting a tank build, need somebody to point me in right direction on some of the doubts I've got.

The display tank is going to be 5'6"x2'6"x1'6"
The glass arrived a year back.
The SS table arrived a almost two years back, timber reinforcement completed over six months back.
Finished the paint job today. Tomorrow i'll probably finish the top.
Sump size is going to be 36"x18"x18", the glass will be delivered on Monday.

The issue that is haunting me at the moment is the sump design and media.

and sure , I am looking for a balance of least complication and maximum efficiency.

Any advise will be appreciated.

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Re: Starting a tank build -- have some noob questions

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Welcome to fusejaw. My name is Dawn.  Sorry I missed your post until today.

Exactly what are your concerns with the sump and media? 

For keeping seahorses you will want a protein skimmer in the sump, preferably a big one.  Its not overkill to choose a skimmer with 3Xs the capacity of your tank.  I would say most of us seahorse keepers would agree that a protein skimmer is a must have piece of equipment.

Beyond that it is personal preference.  I have a refugium and DSB because as long as my return pump is working and my cheap lights, so is my fuge.  It is crawling with pods that keep the display tank supplied.
Other folks prefer reactors.  Still other folks keep it very simple with only a skimmer and LR.

When choosing a return pump I would go with a DC pump.  They are more efficient, run cooler and come with a controller for the flow.  I upgraded to a DC 6000 last year and am very happy.

If you have other questions, don't be afraid to ask.

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