Heating + cooling control question

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Heating + cooling control question

« posted: 7 months ago »
Hi everyone!

I'm busy researching and planning out my future seahorse aquarium, I have a lot of great ideas and I'm remembering a lot of seahorse and saltwater knowledge I had forgotten. It's been a fantastic experience so far.

One thing I can't seem to get a solid answer on is temperature control, at least for my idea.

My idea is, why couldn't an aquarium have a heater AND a chiller? My thinking is, the heater and the chiller could each be attached to a temperature control device. In theory, the temperature control device would switch on the heater or chiller depending on the temperature need.

This might sound like a strange idea, but my home's temperature isn't steady because we don't have central heating/cooling. Unfortunately this is typical of Japanese homes, so the temperature of our home is very much influenced by the changing of the seasons and how well the one-room air conditioner feels like working. Summer's are brutally humid and hot, and winters are mild but quite chilly.

So I thought for the best success, I might invest in both with temperature control devices set to the same temperature. Has anyone tried this??
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Re: Heating + cooling control question

« Reply #1 posted: 7 months ago »
It sounds like a good idea.  There are controllers that could regulate both a heater and a chiller.  I used to have one for my chiller and you could set a range of 2 degrees.  So depending on the specie of seahorse and their temperature needs you could set the controller (lets say) at a low temp of 68 and a high temp of 70.  If the water temperature went down to 67 the heater will kick on but if the temperature goes up to 71 the chiller will kick on.  Heaters are one piece of equipment that commonly fail too so it would be a good idea to have it on a controller.
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Re: Heating + cooling control question

« Reply #2 posted: 12 days ago »
How much is the total price?

Re: Heating + cooling control question

« Reply #3 posted: 11 days ago »
It sounds like a chiller would be a good idea. Heaters tend to fail and I no longer have them on any of my tanks. Seahorses typically handle cooler temps better than warmer temps and water takes a long to too cool down very much. How cold does your home get in the winter months and how long does it stay cold?
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