Freshwater pipefish thread

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Freshwater pipefish thread

« posted: 11 days ago »

I have a 20g at home I wanted to change up and I've been leaning towards the freshwater pipefish Enneacampus. I don't have a problem getting them, the problem is what are their needs?

Things I've been able to find are: (1) They don't like fast moving current, so use a weak filter. No problem, I can do that as well as a 25% water change weekly. (2) They like to be hidden by plants. Again, no problem. (3) They can be difficult to ween off of live foods. That shouldn't be a problem, I always have live black worms on hand and feed ghost shrimp once a month to my other tanks. Plus, I oculd throw in a couple guppies to keep them on their toes.
Now, for things i want to know - (1) is the 20 big enough? (2) How many can I fit in a tank? (3) What are some good tank mates? Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Freshwater pipefish thread

« Reply #1 posted: 9 days ago »
I wished I had some info to help you but I am not familiar with those pipefish.  I have kept signathus scovelli in brackish water because they came with my ghost shrimp.  About all I can offer is info that is true of all signathid.  They are prone to bacterial infections so husbandry must top notch.  You might be able to ween them onto frozen mysis or at least supplement with it.  Tankmates can be tricky.  You do not want to introduce pathogens they they have not been exposed to previously and you do not want aggressive tankmates.  This is just  info that applies to pipefish and seahorses in general so hopefully someone who has specific info on this specie of pipe will jump in.  I would think a pair would be a good number to start with if you are sure they wont fight.
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Re: Freshwater pipefish thread

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