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Why so few captive bred horses available?

started by greytdog
9 2160 by Chuck

Help in identifying species please

started by MinaPR
6 1508 by rayjay

Keeping CB in a tank that previously housed WC Ponies?

started by HaughtyHorse
1 799 by TamiW

Weight loss

started by suew
6 1484 by suew

Feeding station substrate

started by lhick082
3 1434 by lhick082

Thoughts on wavemakers anyone?

started by lhick082
4 2195 by TamiW

Thoughts on wavemakers anyone?

started by lhick082
0 572 by lhick082

All my seahorses are changing sex (maybe)

started by TamiW
5 1156 by rayjay

Happy Christmas

started by suew
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baby BABY seahorses on ebay

started by TamiW
6 1978 by TamiW

Preventing supersaturation and/or degassing supersatured water

started by ejbaer
1 1570 by TamiW

breeding seahorse conservancy

started by walter haas
5 1466 by walter haas

What is the most ridiculous thing you've heard about seahorses?

started by TamiW
24 8473 by TamiW

I need Aquarium and Species selection help

started by Karliah
13 2243 by vlangel

Water and Cycling questions

started by Karliah
9 1774 by rayjay

Aquarium pests Aiptasia

started by Laurasea
6 2089 by Laurasea

H. Zosterae questions

started by LittleFishiez
2 1644 by TamiW

Picture of my grown up h.comes

started by Laurasea
4 1815 by vlangel

New Tank

started by eradicator178
1 1451 by TamiW

My Hawaiian Dwarf (H. Fisheri) Seahorse Experience

started by mosquared
4 3236 by mosquared