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« posted: 5 years ago »
1) Donít be a jerk. (Etiquette)
Be polite to your fellow forum members, and respect the moderators.

Our forum is open to syngnathid enthusiasts of every conceivable shape, form, or walks of life, and our goal is to make a friendly, helpful community for people to share their thoughts, questions, and anything else that comes to mind. To that end, our number one rule is *be civil*. This may sound simple enough, but because this is an activity that people put a lot of work and passion into, and it can be very easy to let emotions flare up. We ask that you never post in anger, and think about how other readers may take your statements; what makes sense to you, could be misinterpreted be someone else, so please be conscious of this, and act accordingly. Then everyone wins.

In other words, it's okay to disagree with people, but play nice, bring facts, and don't let it escalate into something it doesn't need to.

2) Donít be spammy. (Advertising)
Commercial posts are okay, but in the right place, and in limited doses.

Businesses must disclose they have a commercial interest and not misrepresent themselves as casual users. We have a business-friendly forum, and don't block attempts to share your business as long as it isn't "spammy", but pretending to be a user to create false testimonials will not be tolerated and will result in permanent banning.

If you want to promote your business, we ask you do it in a helpful, appropriate way. If a post is for the purpose of selling your product, post in the For Sale/Wanted forum. We also recognize many home breeders straddle that line between hobbyist and business; and strongly encourage home breeders to share their experiences along with promoting sales. This does mean that breeders posting showing off animals they are intending to sell without actually saying such is straddling a thin line, one we're not likely to look to fondly towards. Either help out, share important information, or post (sparingly) in the "For Sale/Wanted" forum. If in doubt, please ask a moderator.

3) Donít steal other peoples work. (Copyright Policy)
Donít post anyone elses work; you give us permission to use your work.

All information posted by members must be their own original works, including photos and writing. The exception being fair use, such as quoted passages from another piece of work; and items meant for embedding, such as youtube videos. You agree to be clear that any fair use copied work is someone elseís and properly attribute the work; including links back to the original. Remember, fair use is not copying something in its entirety, itís usually taking a small piece that is relevant to a discussion and quoting that passage with an attribution to the author, and either a link back to the original or reference, a cite of where it was published, or where the work can be located.

You as a member of the forum agree to share comments, photos, and other media with the website  and agree to share this information with for as long as the site is active. Requests to remove content from a member or former member will be honored with an applicable fee for the service to cover time rendered to remove the items.

All posts, comments and media are owned by the member posting (unless otherwise noted). If you would like permission to use those works, contact the member who created the content.

4) Donít do anything illegal. (Culpability)
This one is pretty self explanatory. Donít break any laws.

Anyone breaking any laws will be banned from the site. We might have to share your info if there is a legal reason to do so, we keep all the information on file suchs as IP addresses.

5) No one on the internet knows youíre a dog. Except us. (Privacy)
We wonít reveal your identity or private information unless there are extenuating circumstances.
We take your privacy very seriously, however there are times when we may have to look at someoneís account, including private messages. (And be aware, all forums have the ability to read private messages, even if they claim they do not.) This would only be done in extreme circumstances; such as issues to verify harassment, subpoenas, warrants or the law enforcement requests that are for the health and wellbeing of a person. We will not look at or share your personal information unless we have a strong reason to do so as outlined above. We have no interest in peaking at your private messages and no desire to lose your trust by sharing your personal data.


These rules are subject to change as necessary and an announcement will be placed whenever there are major changes. All of these rules will be enforced by mods as they see fit. While we would rather work with members when we notice something that doesnít seem right; we reserve the right to take punitive action up to and including permanent banning. This include any paid account, and any fees paid forfeited. Differences of opinion are welcome; no one has ever been nor will ever be banned on a difference of opinion alone. However, bad faith masked as disagreement is not allowed.

Decisions by the mods are to be respected. If you think an error was made; donít pout, email us at Letís talk... However that doesnít mean that weíre going to reverse a decision. Iíve chosen the mods that I have because I trust their judgement.

Cheers, and happy seahorsing around!

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