New Article: Pipefish For the Reef Aquarium (two parter!)

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Whew, just finished putting up a two part article. It's not the typical article you see here - instead it involves which pipefish are reef tank ready!

Pipefish For The Reef Aquarium: Part One, The Pipefish and Pipefish For The Reef Aquarium: Part Two, Husbandry
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  Hi Tami, :)

   What a great article,it makes a fantastic read.I'm not going to keep pipefish but for anyone who's thinking about keeping them has only got to read this and all they need to know is there for them.

   Once again thank you for putting yourself out in giveing us all these details in which we would find it hard to fined  this sort of information.
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An excellent article! Well done Tami. I have kept three of the species mentioned but not in a reef tank. I got them to try raising pipes in the aquarium.

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